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Comprehensive Security Solutions

B&W Security Africa offers a comprehensive range of security services and products tailored to meet the diverse needs of our clients. We provide the expertise and resources necessary to protect what matters most to you.

Security Guards

Our highly trained and licensed security guards provide a visible deterrent against crime. They can be stationed at your premises, patrol your property, or escort valuables.

Services include:

· Access control: Monitoring entry and exits to ensure only authorized personnel gain access.

· Fire watch: Providing security and ensuring safe evacuation during fire emergencies.

· Loss prevention: Deterring theft and shoplifting through vigilance and customer service.

· Crowd control: Maintaining order and safety at events and gatherings.

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Security Accessories

We offer a variety of security accessories to enhance your overall protection.

These may include:

· Security signage: Warning signs to deter potential criminals.

· Security mirrors: Improving visibility in blind spots.

· Safes and lockboxes: Securing valuables and important documents.

· Panic buttons: Discreetly summoning help in emergencies.

Background Checks

Our comprehensive background checks provide valuable information for hiring decisions or tenant screening.

We can verify:

· Criminal History

· Employment History

· Education Credentials

· Reference Checks

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Cash In Transit

Our secure cash transportation services ensure the safe movement of your cash from one location to another.

We offer:

· Armored vehicles: Specially designed vehicles to protect valuables during transport.

· Trained security personnel: Escorts to safeguard your cash throughout the process.

· Secure tracking and monitoring: Real-time tracking of your cash for added peace of mind.

Security Escorts

Our vetted security escorts provide a sense of security and protection for individuals transporting valuables or high-risk materials.

This service includes:

· Personal protection: Ensuring the safety of the individual during transport.

· Discreet surveillance: Monitoring surroundings and mitigating potential threats.

· Secure transportation planning: Developing safe routes and procedures.

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Security Consulting

Our security consultants conduct thorough assessments of your security needs and vulnerabilities.

We offer:

· Security risk assessments: Identifying potential security threats to your property and assets.

· Security plan development: Creating a customized plan to address your specific needs.

· Integration of security solutions: Recommending the most effective combination of security guards, equipment, and procedures.

Security Equipment

We provide a variety of security equipment to strengthen your security posture.

This may include:

· Intrusion detection systems: Alarms and sensors that trigger upon unauthorized entry.